NEXTEL is easy to paint. The matte finish and its special structure forgives craftsman’s mistakes. Therefore painting NEXTEL is no problem even for inexperienced painters.
Light soiling can be easily removed with household products.
For detailed information just scroll down or have a look at our data sheets, which you can also find here.


Cleaning NEXTEL

Recommended paint system

NEXTEL Velvet Coating 811-21 / NEXTEL Suede Coating 3101

NEXTEL Primer 5523


Spraying NEXTEL-Primer 5523

For further details please review the Technical Data Sheet.

Spraying NEXTEL-Suede coating 3101

For further details please review the Technical Data Sheet.

Spraying NEXTEL-Velvet coating 811-21

Proceed the way as for NEXTEL Suede Coating 3101. You can skip the mixing of the hardener. If the material is already jelly-like when you open the lit, add 5% of Thinner 8061 to get it more liquid. Adjust the viscosity for spraying with around 10-15% of Thinner 8061. 

Recommended dry film thickness: 45-55 µm

Drying at room temperature: 15-20 min for dust dry and about 6 hours for assembly-dry

For further details please review the Technical Data Sheet.


Do I need the primer?

We don’t recommend to use NEXTEL Suede Coating 3101 without a primer.
The primer promotes the adhesion and provides the correct color for the underground. As you can see in the picture, the same color could appear completly different with the wrong color on the underground. We can only guarantee the correct color on the recommended color of our NEXTEL Primer 5523. 

NEXTEL Velvet Coating 811-21 adheres to steel and sanded aluminum directly, but it should be for visual use only. As soon as there is any requirement on flexibility, termperature or mechnacial impact on the surface, better use the NEXTEL Primer 5523 first to promote the adhesion.

Panel: D8 orange with a light grey underground
Lens: D8 orange with a white underground

How do I repair NEXTEL?

Please do NOT spray a new layer of NEXTEL Suede Coating 3101 on top of an old layer. The solvents will dissolve the old coatings which will lead to very bad appearance. The NEXTEL will ripple and lose its adhesion. 

Option 1: Sand NEXTEL down to its primer, clean the surface and then spray the new layer of NEXTEL Suede Coating 3101. Please mind that the appearance might change between the new and the old coating. 

Option 2: Clean the surface, spray one thick layer (> 30 µm) of NEXTEL Primer 5523 and let it dry properly (4h at room temperature). This layer will seal the surface and prevent the penetration of solvents into the old layer. Then start to apply the full NEXTEL System. 
Choose this option only, if the NEXTEL surface is still all right and you only want to refresh the color.

Spot Repair: Please do spot repairing only for small damages (size of a pinhead). Please bear in mind that the color might be differ, if you use another batch or some time have already passed by. 

Where can I purchase NEXTEL?

You can purchase NEXTEL directly in our webshop. Simply click on the button. 

If you wish a quotation for bigger quantities or the webshop is not available for your country, please contact us directly via our contact form. 

Who can spray NEXTEL for me?

Usually every professional paint shop is able to spray NEXTEL. The application is easy it can also be done by carpenters or semi-professionals with adequate equipment. A spray booth and a cup gun with >1.2mm nozzle are enough to processes NEXTEL properly. 

If you are looking for a professional job coater, who is experienced in working with NEXTEL, please get in touch with one of our partner paint shops.

Paint shops
Which color do I need to revise my REVOX-housing?

REVOX used mainly B21 – dark anthracite for its devices. But there are also some special series or colors. To ensure that you choose the correct color, please order one of our colorcards for free. 

If you are unsure or you are looking for someone who can revise the housing professionally for you, please contact our partner revox-online. For over 20 years now, they are familiar with all different REVOX devices, its revision and reparation. 

How do I clean greasy spots?

Please take actions according to our cleaning instruction above.

If water and soap don’t work, you can try to clean it carefully with white spirit. Put a few drop on a soft cotton rag and dab it on the greasy spot. Avoid rubbing or scratching! This might harm the surface. Due to the wide range of composition of white spirit, please check the surface for suitability at an unobtrusive point first.

Where do I find the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)?

Please contact us directly. We will need the color of the NEXTEL Suede Coating 3101 you are requesting the MSDS for. 

If you have already a Mankiewicz customer account, please log-in in our data sheet portal.