If you don’t know NEXTEL yet and haven’t seen it in real before, it will be hard to understand its special haptic and its characteristic appearance only be seeing it on a screen. NEXTEL provides an extraordianary expierence for surfaces with high-valued purpose, which needs to be felt and seen in real to understand its uniqueness. 

You can easily order the NEXTEL Colorcard in the shop to get the first glimpse of NEXTEL. Additionally, we offer larger sample panels of each color. Order your favorite colors in DIN A6 size for your mockup of your project or simpy for your material library. Simply choose your color below and add a sample panel to your cart.

If your request any customized color or any other kind of sample, feel free to send us a message. We will get in touch with you shortly.

Order the NEXTEL-Colorcard for the full overview of available colors. 

You can also choose your favorite color from the list below or simply search for it and then add a sample panel to your cart.

Black to White Colors Metallics


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Colorcard with the full range of all NEXTEL-colors incl. three real samples.

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Black to White