NEXTEL coatings create extraordinary surfaces with an extremeLY matt finish.

The matt, suede-like texture of NEXTEL enables attractive product design and provides high-quality surfaces with a warm and textile feel. This lends a premium finish to sophisticated products and surfaces in a fast and easy manner. The fields of application for this product – in addition to household accessories, sales displays and showcases – include consumer goods and surfaces in the aviation and automotive industry.


Design with nextel

Create surfaces with a super-matt finish and suede-like haptics for high-quality appearances. 

Perfect for attractive product design and interior design, such as ceilings, paneling, lamps or household accessories, as it provides high-quality surfaces with a warm and textile feel. 

Technical optimization with NExtel

Creates surfaces with non-glare properties, providing numerous advantages in design and technical application fields.

The unique light absorbing properties of NEXTEL allow its use within demanding fields and products where the incoming light should not be reflected. 

Application possibilities 

Product information 

The NEXTEL portfolio provides you with all relevant coatings and components from one source.


NEXTEL® Suede Coating 3101

Colorful mattness 


NEXTEL Primer 5523

Primer for perfect adhesion



Hardeners and Thinners for application