Special NEXTEL® pigments create a suede-like matt surface with a particularly soft feel. The reflective properties create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the living area. Due to its high technological strength values, NEXTEL® Suede Coating is well suited for decorative purposes

Due to its low gloss and the non-glare property, it is excellently suited application areas with strong lighting, such as display windows, showcases or trade fair booths.


The typical and unique textile haptic is provided by special pigments, which are a patented innovation. These pigments increase the surface area and create an unique structure which is sensory perceived as suede-like. It provides a high-value haptic, which creates a feeling that is associated with textile and velvet.

The combination of various colors of these pigments leads to its typical Salt & Pepper effect. Due to the size of the pigments, they are one by one visible and create their typical appearance.

Furthermore, the uneven surface leads to a diffuse scattering of the incoming light. The result is a deep matt surface which fits perfectly into modern interior design for shops, private homes, yachts or anywhere where a high valued coating is desired.

Zoom in on the NEXTEL-surface structure

Color Trends of 2021

Each year is characterized by its own trends. In the world of colors in particular, trends can be identified that can be found in many areas such as fashion, architecture or furnishings. Leading institutes conduct studies on this every year. You can read about the direction the color world will take in 2021 here.

Color trends 2021


INterior Design 

Premium finish for interior objects, such as ceilings, paneling or lamps. It works perfectly for sophisticated interior design for private rooms, shops, and exhibitions.

Product design 

A suede-like texture for attractive product design. Matt surfaces and an unique optic give the product the high-quality appearance, which it deserves.

Showcase and display design

Unique properties for showcases and sales displays, a surface providing an unobtrusive background. Oddy-confirmity secures the exhibits. 

Exhibition design 

Extraordniary surfaces for exhibition booths. The matt surface of NEXTEL highlights the exhibits and prevents distraction.

Shop design

Great variety of colours for shop design elements. NEXTEL is ideal for the presentation of valuable products and for sophisticated shopping atmosphere.

CAmper and Yacht interior 

For a warm and cozy atmosphere in small rooms. High value finish with an unique optic for sophisticated design and customers.

Read our article about the color trends of 2021 for further inspiration



NEXTEL SUEde Coating 3101

Unique optic and haptic in over 50 color shades. 

NEXTEL Suede Coating is a 2-component coating system which is easy to apply, using any conventional spraying equipment. NEXTEL can also be applied as a singlelayer system, depending on the substrate. We recommend the use of NEXTEL Primer 5523 for optimal adhesion and color impression.

NEXTEL passed Oddy-testing in several museum projects and is used in many exhibitions worldwide. Find the test results of former testing here. Please mind that the test results only give an orientation and would have to be validated for your individual case.

Over 50 color shades are available in dull matt. Individual color shades can be developed upon request — it is possible to create almost every color. Additionally, metallic effects are also possible. We will gladly send you our current color chart. 

Individual shades on demand

Applied on NEXTEL Primer 5523

approx. 3-4 sqm / L

Cup gun, drying at room temperature
For further details: Technical Data Sheet

Available tin size:
1L + 5L Sets (Standard Colors)
5L Set (Special Colors)

NEXTEL Hardener 6018 (incl.)
NEXTEL Thinner 8061 / 901-68 / 901-2D


Black to White
90FH black
S139 dark black
B21 dark anthracite
B34 anthracite
S153 medium grey
B2 stonegrey
72SW granite grey
S774 light grey
72SV steel grey
S95 white
994W Lanzarote
868G royal dark brown
6981 metallic green
Variety of colours
11KF ivory white
11KT noble decor cream
S717 cream
10EJ beige
71XK Moon Beam
S773 pearl
J30 greybeige
845J light brown
10QD brown beige
F5 broomyellow
10DM sable
176D ochre
D2 red
J63 terracotta
842F cacao
S1 ochre brown
J67 havana
J32 brazil
J70 sahara
D8 orange
385D robe red
S734 brownish red
4386 bordeaux violet
448A dark violet
11E5 signal yellow
60B9 rolex green
G60 olive
G23 sedge green
B28 pale green
S3 grey green
S551 light blue
S2 dove blue
52J7 denbrock blue
S631 neptune blue
H88 sapphire blue
S757 cobalt blue
509Y night blue
61CD mystic green