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NEXTEL reflects much less light than common matt paint systems. Even special military coatings can’t compete with the low matt of NEXTEL. Up to 98% of the incoming light will be absorb by NEXTEL. Due to this property, NEXTEL is ideal for applications in optical devices and sensor components. The matt surface of NEXTEL reduces irritating reflections and prevents the detection of phantom objects, which leads to higher accuracy, better results and clear imaging. 

NEXTEL Suede Coating 3101 has similar properties and is available in a variety of colors with similarly low reflection values. This material property allows you to translate design ideas into technical surfaces.


An uneven surface is created by the special pigments, which leads to a diffuse scattering of the incoming light. The rays are split and scattered in various directions. As a result, the light disperses and NEXTEL reflects only about 2% of the irradiated light and only a fraction reaches the eye. The result is a visually extremely matt surface which provides added value, both from a technical and aesthetical point of view.

Please download our test results to see how little the reflection of NEXTEL is at different wavelengths.

Download Light-reflection chart

Fields of Application

NEXTEL VELVET-Coating 811-21

Glare-free pure black coating for technical use. No reflection, high accuracy. 


NEXTEL VELVELT-COATING is a 1-component system for easier application and glare-free finishes.

The sprayed surface absorbs up to 98% of the incoming light. It is the perfect coating to reduce interfering reflections, increase the accuracy of measurements and provide light absorbtion.

To ensure a long-lasting coat the operating temperature of the surfaces should be between -10°C and 80°C.

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Applied on NEXTEL Primer 5523

approx. 5-6 sqm / L

Cup gun, Brush (small parts)
Dry at room temperature
For further details: Technical Data Sheet

Available tin size:
1L tin + 10L bucket

NEXTEL Thinner 8061 / 901-68 / 901-2D


9218 black